Avulsions procedure is a very popular treatment to remove large visible varicose veins for a clean cosmetic look. Pricing starts from £495 per leg (for more information click here). Speak to one of our advisors today for more information. 

 What is an avulsion procedure and how does it work?

 An avulsion procedure (also known as Phlebectomies) is a technique used to remove varicose veins via local anaesthetic. Very tiny cuts are made at the surface of the skin under local anaesthetic and the vein is removed. The cuts are so small, stiches are not needed and instead small paper stiches (steri-stips) are used.

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How long does the avulsions treatment take?

The avulsions treatment is carried out under local anaesthetic and can take approximately 30 minutes per leg (this is dependent on the severity of varicose veins). The more severe the varicose veins are, the more time is needed to treat them. 

Our prices start from £495 for a single leg and £990 for both legs. We provide bespoke quotes on the day of your consultation. 


 What are the benefits of avulsions treatment?

 o    Local anaesthetic

o    Minimal scarring – usually one 2mm scar

o    Instant cosmetic look – the veins that can be seen at the surface of the skin will be removed.

o    Short recovery time – patients can resume normal activities within an hour

 What are the possible side effects or complications of Avulsions treatment?

 As with any medical procedure, some side effects or complications may occur.  It is important to discuss any existing medical conditions or concerns with your consultant prior to going ahead. 

Side effects are rare and usually minor:

o    Minor pain/discomfort and bruising, which can be treated with common pain relief (paracetamol/ibuprofen)

o    Tingling or numbness, or a “pulling “sensation in the area of vein removal.

o    Wound infection (rare)

In less than 0.5% of cases more serious side effects can occur, specifically deep vein thrombosis (DVT) or pulmonary embolism (PE). 

 To get more information on any of our minimally invasive techniques, please contact us!

If you are interested in this treatment a varicose vein consultation would be needed.