Bilateral treatments explained

 Bilateral treatments (both legs) are treatments offered on the same day which pass on a saving to you; however, some patients will need to have a treatment on two separate occasions.  

 All our treatments are walk-in, walk out with very minimal blood loss. If you have large veins that need more than two systems of veins being treated, the surgeon has the right to split your visit into 2 treatment visits. This means the bilateral price will no longer be viable.


Why two treatment visits?

If you have severe veins that need a lot time and treatment, it can be unsafe to treat your veins all of the same time.

This means the expected blood loss could be increased and could lead to complications like a Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT).  For more information on DVT please click here.

We at the Manchester Vein Clinic want to ensure you get the best treatment but not at the cost of safety to your health.


Why is there an increased cost of having Radio-frequency ablation or Venaseal for two treatment visits?

At the Manchester Vein clinic, we like to pass on the saving to you while delivering a high-class service.  Each single visit for these treatments is a higher price point as we need to use two separate catheters.

Patient who are suitable for same day bilateral treatments have a discount applied due to the same instruments are being used twice. 

All our instruments are sterile for all procedures and cannot be re-sterilised to then be used at a later date.