Conventional Surgery

If endothermal ablation treatments are not suitable for you, you may then be offered a traditional surgical procedure to remove the faulty veins.

Varicose vein surgery is usually carried out under a general anesthetic so you will be put to sleep during the procedure. You will normally be able to go home the same day, although you may have to stay overnight, especially if you have both legs treated at the same time.

Our team of surgeons use a technique called ligation and stripping, which involves tying off the vein in the affected leg and then removing the diseased vein. Two small incisions are made, one at the groin and the second is further down the leg, usually around the knee or ankle.

A thin wire is then passed through the vein and then carefully pulled out and removed through the lower cut in your leg.  The vein will then be removed at this time along with the wire. The blood flow will then track up the healthy veins in your body.

Following the procedure, you may need 1-2 weeks to recover before returning to work, although this may depend on your health and your occupation. You may need to wear compression stockings for up to a week after surgery whilst you also recover.

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