Corona Virus (Covid-19) and our Clinic

We have reviewed and assessed all of our clinical sites and have put in place all the required procedures to make sure your time with us is safe.

Our infection control protocols are robust and are to a very high standard from our waiting rooms to our treatment rooms. We now feel confident to resume our services from July.

Coming to your appointment

Once your appointment has been booked in, we will provide you with a phone number to call on arrival to the clinic. Once you have arrived, please call the number which is a direct line to the clinic. One of our admin team will let you know when it is safe to enter the premises.

Visiting our clinics

On arrival, there is plenty of alcohol gel accessible for you to use located in our reception area.

You will be greeted by one of our admin team who will be wearing a face mask and visor. If you do not have a facemask, one will be provided for you.

All staff will be wearing facemasks and appropriate PPE during your visit to protect yourself and our staff.

Seating has been arranged to ensure 2 meters is maintained between patients on the premises. We will ensure only a person at a time will be in the clinic; however, on occasion disabled patients and patients with carers may also be in the clinic where we still will be enforcing social distancing seating.


Our practice has changed to ensure everyone’s safety as well as encouraging social distancing. Find out more below in our FAQ:


Varicose vein consultations

At our facilities based in Diagnostic healthcare, we have taken the following precautions to ensure the time you have with us is safe:

With varicose vein consultations an ultrasound scan is needed so we can assess your veins before any treatments can be recommended.

You have the option to see the consultant the same day as your consultation or book in for a remote consultation via Microsoft Teams after your scan. If you wish to have a remote consultation, please let one of the admin staff know when you book into the clinic for a consultation.

How does a varicose vein remote consultation work?

When booking in for a varicose vein consultation, one of our team will book you in for an ultrasound scan with one of our accredited vascular scientists.

You then have two options. To either see our consultant after your scan or see your consultant via a Microsoft Teams video call.


If you chose to see our consultant after your scan, this can be seen the same day and costs £149.

If you chose to see our consultant via a video call to discuss your results at a later time, this will be booked in via the admin team when you book in for your appointment. The cost for this is the same as our normal consultation at £149.

Whether you chose a face-to-face consultation or a video call consultation, the consultant will go through your results and will recommend what treatment you would require. During this consultation, you can ask any questions you may have regarding the results and any treatments recommended. A quote and information will be given to you on the day of your consultation.

After your video call consultation the consultant will send his recommendations to the admin team and they will contact you via phone with your quote which can easily be emailed to you.

Once you are happy, we can then look to book you in for your treatment.

How do I book in for treatment?

There are two options. You can either:

  • Book a provisional date when the admin team contact you regarding your quote. There is no deposit needed to hold a date and no charge to change the date at a later time. Call us on 0161 929 5679 when you are ready.
  • Before your treatment, the consultant will go through all details again before any treatment is undertaken so no need to worry if you choose to have your treatment at a later date.

Patient advice:

Please do not attend your appointment and call us directly to re-book if you have any of the following symptoms/conditions.

  • A high temperature.
  • A continuous dry cough.
  • A loss or change of taste and smell.
  • Shortness of breath.
  • Diarrhoea, conjunctivitis, a sore throat or a headache.
  • Whole-body ache and/or tiredness.
  • A rash on the skin or discolouration of fingers or toes.

If you are living with someone who has the symptoms of the Corona Virus please call us to let us know.

If you have received a blood test, swab test or chest x-ray for the Corona Virus and are awaiting the results or have a positive test please call us directly.

Coming to your appointment:

  • Facemasks - You will need to wear a face covering or face mask to your appointment - (surgical mask, homemade mask, DIY mask, scarf, etc. NOT WOOLLEN)
  • Please do not use public transport. Please ensure you arrive via your own vehicle or have someone in your social bubble drop you off to your appointment.
  • Please arrive on time and let us know once you have arrived by using our direct line (which will be given to you once you have mad a booking with us). We will then let you know when it is O.K. to enter the building.
  • Please come alone unless you need assistance i.e. a carer or translator.
  • Children will not be allowed to wait in the clinic waiting area during your consultation.
  • Please use the facilities provided. Alcohol gel is accessible on arrival and adhere to the 2 meter social distancing seating allocated for you.
  • Refreshments – If you need refreshments, we will be happy to provide them for you. We have disposable cups for water from our isolated watercooler.
  • Our mugs are cleaned everyday via our dishwasher so we can happily offer tea and coffee on request.
  • Magazines – We are sorry we are unable to offer reading material in this time due to Covid-19. We do have a television in our waiting area. We do recommend bring your own reading material if you wish.

*We have the right to refuse a consultation/treatment if you do not follow our guidelines by wearing a mask throughout all procedures and if we feel you are displaying any symptoms of Covid-19 or feeling unwell.

This is not only for your safety but the safety of others at the clinic.