Foam Sclerotherapy

Ultrasound guided foam Sclerotherapy procedure has been very popular due to our competitive pricing attracting patients from as far as London. Pricing starts from £495 per leg (for more information click here). Speak to one of our advisors today for more information. 

Foam Sclerotherapy or injection of varicose veins is a procedure designed to improve the appearance of your varicose veins. The veins are injected with a solution called a sclerosant which damages the internal lining of the vein and causes blood clotting within the vein.

In time, your own body will then destroy the vein and it will disappear. The solution normally used for this procedure is called sodium tetradecyl sulphate (STD) and is available in different concentrations depending on the size of the vein being treated.

Normally STD is injected as a solution directly into the varicose vein to be treated. Foam sclerotherapy involves making small volumes of the solution into foam by rapid mixing and agitation with a small volume of air. This can then be used to treat some of the larger underlying abnormal veins which would not normally be treated with conventional sclerotherapy.

Sclerotherapy will be performed on an outpatient basis with you being able to return to your every day activities the next day. You will have a number of injections where the surgeon will identify the particular varicose veins and will inject the foam. This will all be performed under ultrasound guidance control. The foam that is injected will then cause an intense spasm of the vein and will help to close the vein.

The procedure should take around 30 minutes in total although you may need more than one visit to treat all of the veins in question.

What are the benefits of the treatment?

  • The procedure will be only be using a number of injections so little or no anaesthetic will be required
  • As foam sclerotherapy is very versatile, it is able to track up very bobbly and tortuous varicose veins where other devices may have difficulty tracking up
  • You can treat very small veins that other procedures can’t treat

After your sclerotherapy treatment, you will have your legs bandaged up to ensure that the foam works effectively which you will have to leave on for a number of days but your surgeon will be able to provide you with the full after care protocol.


To get more information on foam Sclerotherapy or any of our minimally invasive techniques, please contact us!

If you are interested in this treatment a varicose vein consultation would be needed.