Spider Veins

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Spider veins are irregularities in vein structures that appear close to the skin surface and are usually blue or red in colour. Owing to their serrated pattern, they often resemble spider webs. Spider veins usually develop because of weakness of the valves that are located just below the skin. As the valves grow weak, blood gets collected and results in dilation of superficial veins. Experts say that spider veins may develop due to exposure to sun, changes in hormonal patterns or a genetic tendency to vein disorders.

Spider veins compared to helthy veins

Spider veins are common in both men and women. Since women undergo a lot of hormonal changes in their lifetimes, they are more prone to spider veins. It has also been found out that this vein abnormality is hereditary in some cases.

Vein disorders are often neglected. At Manchester Vein Clinic, we cannot stress enough how important it is to diagnose spider veins as and when they appear and get spider vein removal done. Such vein disorders get difficult to deal with if they are allowed to grow. Manchester Vein Clinic helps patients in understanding the cause and severity of a situation through ultrasound imaging.

In some cases, spider veins can be cured through regular wearing of support stockings. This may help in reducing the size of existing spider veins and stopping new ones to crop up. If the conventional spider vein removal methods do not pan out, our medical practitioners may suggest foam sclerotherapy or laser treatment.

Sclerotherapy is the process involving injection of a chemical solution into an affected area, resulting in collapsing of veins. A patient may feel the region to be tender for a few days. Sclerotherapy often requires multiple sessions.

Laser spider vein removal option involves directing pulses from a laser light to the spider veins, resulting in minute blood clots.

At The Manchester Vein Clinic, our team of vascular experts are known for performing three types of spider vein removal techniques:

Laser treatment  -  See Laser vein treatment

Micro sclerotherapy -  See Micro Sclerotherapy

Foam sclerotherapy - See Foam Sclerotherapy

They type of treatment is dependant on the size of the spider vein and if there is an underlying condition with the vein valve as described above.

We do not just believe in cosmetically fixing spider veins, we focus on treating the condition completely. We work on each patient separately to understand their health conditions and requirements before proceeding with the final spider veins removal process.

Apart from the modern spider veins removal methods, we also offer the conservative modes of treatment, involving the use of compression stockings to improve circulation.

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