Mr M
"Before treatment my left leg felt as if it had been mildly stung. I had big lumps all the way up my calf.  
The treatment was excellent, can't fault it , there were 4 or 5 people in the room while the procedure was being done all doing their part. Comparable to a trip to the dentist. Now my leg has fully recovered it feels normal and looks normal. It took probably 2 months for everything to settle but I was working as a gardener the next day, wore the stocking for 2 full weeks,then a week of days,probably overkill but you only do this once. The service was very good, always felt I could ask anything and was looked after very well. I can certainly recommend The Manchester Vein Clinic without any hesitation.
Mrs M

“I am very pleased to say I had a very good result from my treatment and thank you for your expertise. I didn’t feel any pain during the procedure, only mild discomfort at times. I didn’t need any analgesics and my lifestyle didn’t change at all. We have just completed a long haul flight for to Mauritius for our wedding anniversary and my leg is pain free and looking great! I would recommend this treatment again!” 


Mrs E

"I would like to say that I found the Manchester vein clinic to be extremely informative before my treatment and very thorough in my deep vein examination with scans  .The staff were very helpful and kind putting my mind at ease before and during my treatment. The cost of the treatment i found to be very reasonable .my recovery time was quicker than expected and other and a dressing and a few minor bruises my leg was healed enough to be back on show within a week ."


Mrs C

"Just a little thank you for the kind care and attention I received on my recent visit to the clinic.You put my mind at ease when having treatment, informing me when to expect any sensations of pain and how long it would take. I feel confident in your care as a professional along with your compassionate attitude. The service is excellent and the treatment has worked so quickly on my skin tag."



Mrs N 

''I attended the Manchester Vein Clinic yesterday for skin rejuvenation.  The Vascular practitioner who performed the laser procedure was very competent and reassuring.   I was very impressed by the Clinic’s professionalism and I would certainly consider using the Manchester Vein Clinic again in the future''.


Mrs K

 ‘’Recently I have been treated at Manchester Vein Clinic for spider veins. I was overwhelmed by friendly the staff was and at the same time I was very happy with their professionalism. The treatment was explained to me in detail, the questions were answered fully so I could undertake the treatment fully understanding what will be done to my skin and veins.

The staff took professional care of me during and after my treatment, not only from the clinical side but also to help reduce the little discomfort I had. I almost did not feel anything during the procedure but could see a wonderful effect after!  I would like to recommend the clinic to anyone who wants to use the laser to treat the veins or skin problems.”


Miss W

 ‘’So far I have had 3 moles removed at The Manchester Vein Clinic.  All staff go above and beyond to make the experience as pleasant and as pain free as possible and I am really happy with the results. I would recommend The Manchester Vein Clinic to anyone looking for laser mole removal’. 


Miss JM

''I visited the clinic to have treatment on my spider veins and was very impressed with the professionalism and friendliness of the staff who greeted me and made me feel really welcome and comfortable.

They all seemed very knowledgeable when they explained what was going to happen which put my mind at ease.

I was really impressed by the total experience and would have no hesitation at all in recommending family and friends who need treatment 

A very big thank you from me to all the team at Manchester Vein Clinic'.



I just wanted to thank you so very much for the recent laser treatment to my facial thread veins.  Its quite a big thing to have done, so you really have to trust the technician who carries it out.

You have done an amazing job on them, and I am so grateful.

Also, you explained everything to me along the way with great professionalism and that made me feel very at ease and instilled confidence in me during that process.

I am thrilled with the result.

Thank you



Mrs JG

I recently had a procedure at the Manchester Vein Clinic done by Dr Tao, Lee and Jimmy, I couldn’t fault them at all they are an amazing team! I was extremely nervous about the whole thing and they continuously provided me with confidence/ support and reassured me throughout the journey.

I even had to come back to the clinic and Sarah helped me feel at ease and was really kind and patient with me (even tho I’m a complete stress head lol)

 Thank you so much Manchester Vein Clinic for making my experience as simple and as stress free possible! 


Mr KF,

Fantastic job – well done to you all for helping me!

 For several months before the operation I would wake up in the night with a stabbing pain in my knee.

For the last few years I have had the same pain when I accidentally knocked it.

I have had to be careful of kneeling on things for the last 40+ years.

Doctors in my practice have always poo-poohed it as inconsequential.

 It was not a vein, it was something else, but thanks to the experience, expertise and readiness to consider something out of the ordinary, I am now pain free.