Thread Veins

Thread veins are usually harmless, though like varicose veins, they can sometimes ache and can cause burning or pain, especially if you are on your feet for a long time. They are sometimes referred to as spider veins or telangictasia, they are veins that appear on the surface of the skin around the face or the legs. They generally appear in small groups of veins on the surface of the skin and look quite different to varicose veins which tend to bulge on the outside of the skin although they can both ache or itch.

The thread vein removal procedures that we offer at Manchester Vein Clinic are all safe alternatives to the invasive surgeries. Our services are tailored to meet patients’ expectations and are aimed at providing comfort and convenience. We prioritize patients’ satisfaction above all. Our prompt and easy-to-understand medical procedures help patients feel comfortable throughout thread vein removal process. Also, we make sure that our patients recover fast, without having to face any complications from thread veins treatment method


Here at Manchester Vein Clinic, we have two main treatment options:

Sclerotherapy – In this procedure, your surgeon will inject the vein with a foam that scars and closes the inside of the vein, causing blood to re-route to healthier veins. After a few weeks, the veins will fade although the veins may need to be treated more than once. Sclerotherapy doesn’t require any anaesthesia and you can resume your normal activities the next day. Side effects can sometimes include swelling, itching and skin colour changes on the skin although they should only be temporary. 

Laser vein treatment – Here at the Manchester Vein Clinic, we also use the Dual Yellow laser which is excellent for spider & thread veins. It works by sending strong bursts of light to the vein causing them to close and disappear. No needles or incisions are needed. Results can be instant. Side effects can include redness, swelling and blanching of the skin in the treated area.

Do not delay treating thread veins. Call in for booking a consultation or request a callback today.

 *Please note we do not treat any veins around the eye or surrounding area.