What Varicose Veins do I have?

There are three main types of veins you may have:


1. Varicose veins: present as large bulky veins that can extend throughout the leg

Depending on your scan. These usually develop due to a damaged valve making the blood flow in the veins, change direction. This causes pressure which over time turns into visible varicose veins on the surface of the skin like below:

1. Varicose veins RFA.vena.av

The most likely treatment is Avulsions where veins are removed directly from the surface of the skin using local anesthesia to numb the region. This gives the best cosmetic look.

If there is a damaged valve then we would recommend Radio frequency ablation (heat treatment) or Venaseal (glue treatment) to treat the source of the problem to ensure the visible varicose veins do not return once removed.  


2.  Spider veins: These veins are also known as thread veins; however, if they typically present themselves as red/purple in colour you have spider veins. Typically, micro injections are needed for treatment.

2. Spider veins

2.1 spider veins

3. Thread veins – These veins are small tiny red veins which are smaller than the end of a needle. Typically, these can be treated with laser but can take 3-5 sessions for effective results.

3. thread veins

3.1 thread veins close up